Hyaluron Pen Lips – Filler Without Injections

Hyaluron Pen Lips – Filler Without Injections

Why go under the needle to plump your lips, when the Hyaluron Pen can do the job without pain!


What Exactly is a Hyaluron Pen?




Hyaluronic Pen lips are becoming a sought-after services in up-to-date beauty salons in Ottawa. The treatment is virtually pain free, because there are no needles.

A Hyaluron Pen, for lips, is a non-invasive, needle-less device that transfers fluid into a selected area of the body by applying pressure to the skin’s surface. The fluid – hyaluronic acid – is a key ingredient in beauty and anti-aging products, and a safer alternative to Botox and other dermal filler injectionss.

Hyaluronic acid is very effective for lip enlargement. Ideal results can be achieved in just one session. The Hyaluron Pen gives tje same results as standard dermal filler injections for lips, but without the needles.

The Hyaluron Pen safely and painlessly adds volume to your lips. The results are  long lasting, low maintenance and less expensive than other dermal fillers.

Note, though, that Hyaluron Pen lip enhancement may not be for you if you’re pregnant, have a skin disease like psoriasis or eczema, have open sores, have had recentl radiation therapy. or have a history of skin scars.

Easier Plump Lips




Fast and Safe

You won’t be in pain to be beautiful. No anxieties, no worries. You can just relax during your lip plumping appointment. The treatment is pain-free, relatively short, and safe. The nozzle and adapter of the Hyaluron Pen are fully sterilized after each use.

A Natural Filler

The filler used in the Hyaluron Pen is natural hyaluronic acid. Our body actually makes hyaluronic acid, but the amount produced decreases over time. When hyaluronic acid is added to your lips, or other parts of your face, the difference is instanteously noticeable. Your lips become plumper and more hydrated.

Are you ready to ditch the needles and get a long-lasting, plumper look for your lips. Schedule an appointment!