Salon Cleanliness

Beauty Gate runs a clean, sanitized salon.

Salon Cleanliness, A Top Priority



Our clients often comment on how clean our salon is.  Keeping a clean salon makes us, and our clients, feel happy and worry free.

Cleanliness and sanitization are keys to running any business, but especially one that offers personal care services. You should never have to be concerned about a risk of contamination or infection at a nail or lash salon!

Beauty Gate sanitizes all equipment after each use, according to safe hygiene standards and as as stipulated by Health Canada. We disinfect all metal and re-usable instruments with a hospital-grade disinfectant. and use an autoclave to sterilize. Where possible, we use disposable instruments to ensure your safety.

All surfaces and stations are properly wiped and disinfected between clients. Each person is provided with clean, fresh towels and/or linens.

We take extra precautions during our waxing services to ensure your health and well-being. Before starting, we examine your skin, to check that it’s healthy and intact. We will not proceed if the skin is cut, irritated or infected.

We clean your skin with an antiseptic before waxing, and wear gloves during hair removal.  Wax is applied with a  single-use, disposable applicator. The applicator is not dipped into the wax again, but is discarded immediately. Other single-use items such as table paper and wax strips are thrown away after each client.

When it comes to salon cleanliness, you can count on Beauty Gate. We won’t let you down.